NeoCortexAi 2.0

Token Utility

$CORAI Token Utility and Deflationary Mechanism
With complex token economics and well-considered token metrics, NeoCortexAI is a fully token-centric initiative. Our native BEP-20 token is CORAI. It is a purely functional token that will empower and enable several use cases.
Our platform token makes sure that the most devoted and devoted supporters of our project receive rewards. All of the fantastic advantages in our ecosystem can be accessed by holding the $CORAI token. There is no sell tax nor buy tax for the $CORAI token.
The platform will have dual tokens, $CORAI as the launchpad token and $NAI as the platform token. $NAI will be launched in the subsequent months after the $CORAI is listed successfully. The concept of duality will apply when $NAI is listed. The early adopters, holders and stakers of $CORAI will get access to the exclusive $NAI pre-sale allocation. The tokenomics of $NAI will be released in the later stages. There is a lot of very exciting synergies between the token that we can’t wait to share. Stay tuned! Refer our medium post for more details.