NeoCortexAi 2.0


1.How does the AI Index Pool work? NeoCortexAi will raise funds for its AI Index Pool through the issuance of AI Index NFT’s (iNFTs). Investors will be able to purchase these iNFTs, which will serve as Proof of Hodl until the end of the AI Index Pool event. While the funds are in the pool, the AI trading bot will dollar-cost-average buy and sell and generate profit which at the end of the event, will be swapped to the platform's token and iNFT holders can burn their iNFTs and claim their rewards.
2. What sets apart Neocortex from other launchpads? What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) USP- NeoCortexAI has a robust ecosystem that is sustainable with innovative products such as AI Index Pool, AI Swap, AI Brain Centre, which at this moment there are very few or limited platforms that provide these services. Integration of AI in blockchain has not been realized as of now. Traditional AI projects has huge potential to tap into blockchain and cryptocurrency, however there is no such platform that is offering a one-stop solution. This is where the NeoCortexAI platform comes into solving the gap between AI and blockchain projects. NeoCortexAI will onboard web2 AI to web3 AI, provide exposure to top early AI projects through our incubation/acceleration/launchpad and finally NeoCortexAI Index AI pool via innovative NFT sales will generate substantial revenue in a sustainable way.
3. What are the utility of $CORAI tokens? - Share in AI Index Pool. - IAiO/IDO/INO fees. - IAiO/IDO/INO participation fees. - Staking and Farming - Swap to $NAI token.
3. What is your roadmap for the platform's development, and what milestones do you plan to achieve in the near and long term? Q1 2023, we launch $CORAI and the launchpad platform. Q2 2023, we will be having multiple IAiO's and INO's, and AI Index Pool's. Second half of 2023, we will have the Brain Center out and R&D for real life use cases of AI.
4. Can you provide an overview of the AI-based services and technologies that your platform will offer? For the AI based services firstly we have the AI launchpad where we have the IAiO which is a special type of IDO/INO where we have coined the term so that as the name itself suggests it is focused mainly on AI projects hence the Initial Artificial intelligence Offering. We have the AI Brain Center where the AI bot will be updating timely news and articles on the latest developments in the AI and the blockchain space. but the true power of AI is implemented in the AI index pool where a wrapped index pool of AI promising tokens such as Singualrity and Fetch will be DCA'ed by our AI trading bot and through the DCA by our bot, the profits earned and the principle amount generated will be available to claim through the iNFTs.
5. Most people judge a project by its token price. So, what is your plan to maintain the token price? Will there be some kinds of burning/buy-back programs? $CORAI has a unique mechanism which makes the token deflationary. Fees collected in $CORAI from IAiO/IDO/INO's will all be collected in a vault and: - 70% will of $CORAI from the vault will be burnt - 15% of $CORAI from the vault will be added to the liquidity pool. - 15% of $CORAI will be given back to the holders.