NeoCortexAi 2.0

AI Index Pool

NeoCortexAi will raise funds for its AI Index Pool through the issuance of AI Index NFT’s (iNFTs). Investors will be able to purchase these iNFTs, which will serve as Proof of Hodl until the end of the AI Index Pool event. iNFTs will be launched in 3rd party INO platforms and also on NeoCortexAi’s platform. The fund raised in iNFTs will be used for the Ai Index Pool to invest in Multiple Promising AI Tokens for collective risk management and investment diversification. The platform would retain 2.5% of the funds raised as management fees. The AI Index Pool would contain Promising AI tokens, IAiO tokens, CORAI + NAI.
NeoCortexAi will then use those funds to DCA buy and sell with the help of AI trading bots. These funds will be run transparently and NeoCortexAi will be providing weekly updates to the investors. Meanwhile, the iNFTs that each investor holds can be traded on secondary markets such as Opensea, Binance NFT, Magic Eden, etc, allowing flipping, exit or entry strategy for all interested investors.
At the conclusion of the Ai Index Pool event, NeoCortexAi will announce the +(-)PNL of the invested tokens and convert all the funds to NAI. Investors will then have to burn their iNFTs to swap and claim their shares of tokens. The platform will burn 2.5% from every swap in NAI. All +(-)PNL + Principle amount of tokens invested will be calculated with iNFT Proof of Hodl smart contract. This will determine the value/number of NFTs that the investors hold and thus will allow the exact amount of shares the investors own to swap/claim for NAI.